About me

What do I do and what are my competencies.

I am a dedicated computer science and business enthusiast with a strong passion for algorithms, computers, and coding. My fascination with the world of technology has driven me to continually explore and innovate in the fields of computer science and business. I thrive on solving complex problems, optimizing processes, and creating efficient solutions that leverage the power of algorithms and computer systems. My commitment to staying at the forefront of these disciplines reflects my unwavering enthusiasm for the intersection of technology and business, making me a valuable asset in any endeavor where innovation and technical expertise are paramount.

I try to be a man who operates on many platforms. My activities can be seen in several, relatively different fields.

I am one of the founders and a board member of the Mosaic Association. An association of more than thirty young visual artists. At Mosaic, we provide an opportunity for young artists to showcase themselves, meet new artistic communities and broaden their horizons through discussion and mutual learning. My job at Mosaic is mainly to keep in touch with other organizations, control the legal aspects of running business, manage funds and contact grantors.


From April 2022, I also conduct private tutoring in C/C++, Java and Python. My courses are focused mainly on algorithmics and programming in general.

In addition, I lead a team of three young programmers and designers who know how to create professional websites. We realize that both youth organizations and individuals have a hard time finding a contractor who can create an impressive website for them at a reasonable price. That is exactly why this team was created. We create websites that stand out from the competition with their price, keeping them consistently at a professional level. Read more about it in the „WWW” section!





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